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Urgent clarification needed for 42 inch build Foundation pad dimensions - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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Urgent clarification needed for 42 inch build Foundation pad dimensions

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  • Urgent clarification needed for 42 inch build Foundation pad dimensions

    Hello everybody!

    This weekend, I'm going to pour the concrete for the foundation pad of a 42 inch oven here in Portland, OR.
    I have a problem....

    in the "Pompeii Oven Instructions" on page 13, it says the foundation dimensions are 73 inches by 86 inches.
    But, on page 65, the foundation dimensions are listed as 80 inches by 94 inches.

    I ASSUME the 80 inches by 94 inches is correct, and the 73 inches by 86 is the size of the oven at the base as it sits on the foundation.

    Can anyone confirm?

    Page 13 of the Pompeii Oven Instructions page 65 of Pompeii oven Instructions

  • SableSprings
    Paul, I don't know if you've already poured your concrete but here's a link to an excellent dimensional sketch of an oven footprint.

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  • SableSprings
    Welcome Paul! As Russell noted above, the sketch is really important...making sure to think about where you are going to set your adult beverage while you're working the oven or store your pizza tools & peels.

    When I built my corner build base, it was primarily by "eye" and by stacking blocks. Consequently my final finished platform is not symmetrical in any way. The back sides are 88", the front left bay is 42" wide, the angled front span measures 65" and the right bay width is 39". Here's the link to the layout base for my build so those platform layout numbers make more sense (hopefully );


    As it is, I have nice storage underneath with the carts and good working space on top of the carts when they are out. The top wings are handy for placing things for which you don't need "easy access". The oven floor/landing is at 43" high. My biggest problem was that when I was working on the finish bricks (after my enclosure was in place), I didn't have any foot space to stand along the edges.

    It also turned out that when I went to put up the finishing plywood in the back (inside the den)...I didn't have enough room to work. I mean, I couldn't fit physically back there nor was I able to use my power drill to set the screws. I guess my lesson was to not try to fit things so exactly...extra space is good.

    Good luck and don't be afraid to ask questions...the Forno Bravo build plans have a lot of good info, but there have been a lot of great ideas, new tools, and clever techniques introduced since that document was last updated.

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  • paul_reichow
    UtahBeehiver, Thank you SO much. Makes total sense hearing about the inconsistencies...I thought I was going crazy....I'll sketch it out on paper first.....

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  • UtahBeehiver
    There are some inconsistencies in the plans, so you just have to lay it out on a piece of paper or computer. It also depends on what type of finish you want around the CMU base, if you are enclosing or not will make a difference. You just have to sketch it out. The plans are a great "baseline" but many factors that affect base size and innovations since the plans were published have taken place.

    I did a 42" corner build without an enclosure and my pad dimensions are 86" long legs 55.5" short legs,and abt 44 diagonal across the front and my edges oven in final form sit right on the edge ot the hearth. I faced the CMUs with stone so there was a 4" lip all the way around the CMU base.
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