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42" Build in Seville Ohio!!

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    Welcome to the forum, now would be a good time to start you own build thread so you can get specific feedback on you particular build. Most masonry/brick supply stores(not your big box stores) carry brickie's clay. Several brands out there, ie HC Muddox is one. Some builders have luck at a pottery store as well. You only need the sand/fire clay slurry if your CaSi board is unlevel. But you will need the fireclay if you are using homebrew mortar.

    A couple items to check on your IT, make sure the projected line from the pivot point along the rod to the "L" bracket hits what will be the horizontal center of the brick. Also, make the length adjustable. There are a lot of variables where an adjustable IT will save you some alignment problems. The closer the pivot point is to the floor elevation the better, ideally right at floor level.
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      Originally posted by UtahBeehiver View Post
      The FB eplans has a generic suggested curing schedule, I snipped it and attached. It is just an example so just be prudent and take your time. One extra piece of wood can really spike the temperature, so less is best.
      Are the referred temperatures of the air within the dome or are they of the actual dome's bricks temperature?


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        I did brick temps for mine....Air temps will vary greatly.