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Another aussie oven getting started

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  • Another aussie oven getting started

    Hi everyone,

    It's about time I gave something back instead of just asking questions and taking ideas!

    My son and I are building the 42 inch "as per plan Pompeii"

    The foundation, dry stacking, and pouring the structural slab went so smoothly it was almost a worry. Up to this stage it went basically exactly as per the FB plans.

    More to come

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    Re: Another aussie oven getting started


    Looks like you've got a really cosy corner for your oven there.... keep the pictures coming
    "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)



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      Re: Another aussie oven getting started

      Looks great! You're committed now! Look forward to seeing your progress.
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        Re: Another aussie oven getting started

        Hi there
        In your opinion, do you think it would still be necessary to build the footings, or could I dry stack on top of existing concrete pavers that are laid on well compacted sand? Pavers are about 40 mm thick and have only a very slight fall that I would make level under the first course by cementing the first layer to the pavers. I can't imagine them having trouble holding the oven, but would appreciate your thoughts, having just built the footings.


        Willetton, Perth
        Western Australia
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          Re: Another aussie oven getting started

          A question: Do you have frost issues in Perth? If so, I don't think inch and a half pavers are going to hold up. If they shift on the sand base, the oven structure could crack, and possibly become unstable.

          Sand is generally not considered as good a base as crushed stone. It's more subject to shifting, and being washed out.

          Ovens are heavy and rigid. This is why they are built on solid slabs or deep footings. You don't want your work to suffer from a lack of preparation.
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            Re: Another aussie oven getting started

            I would suggest pouring a proper foundation. You will put that much time and effort into building the oven, it would be a pity to have it move and crack. It becomes very obvious how much weight you are stacking up, even before the dome begins.