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Another aussie oven getting started

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  • nissanneill
    Re: Another aussie oven getting started

    Hi agin,
    I know what you mean about the Vermiculite. I experienced a similar situation and ended up with I think from memory a 1:6 ratio.
    Seeee my information at :

    permalink #2 complete with [hotos.
    If you are building an igloo pompeii oven, you will experience even more problems with your insulation layers going over your themal blanlet.
    I had a few hickups until I found a solution which is here:

    permalink #10 where I added a little fire clay to make it stickier and easier to work, especiall rendering the bottom vetrtical areas.


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  • Rivernook
    started a topic Another aussie oven getting started

    Another aussie oven getting started


    More progress on my Pompeii:-

    To be sure I narrowed the centres for rebar to about 10 inches, and poured a 4 inch structural slab.

    I scored to perimeter of the slab, to bond the layer of concrete I will eventually pour as a border around insulation layer.

    The vermicrete was interesting. I tried the slurry mix method and it went too lumpy, so I reverted to the standard dry mix method, but reduced the ratio to about 8:1. I made a drill mixer to get it started, then finished mixing by hand.

    .......more to come