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    Just finished the oven form, I have been going reaaaaally slowly, but steady! Still not sure what to do about the chimeny and honestly I am not sure I will be able to make a door that will close tight againt the lip. I decided to leave a 2 cm gap lip, it is not as straight as I would like, I dont know if i should grind it a bit to make it straght and "level".


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      Looking good so far though Pepe.

      If I understand you correctly you have a 2cm set back to create an edge for a door between inner and outer arches? If that is the case, then not being completely straight is not a problem. I had the same issue, the inner arch warped/twisted ever so slightly. But as long as I kept a small heat break/expansion joint between inner and outer arches, the gap didn't really matter, the joint just wasn't exactly the same size all the way round, and you have to know where it is small and bigger to avoid recreating that twist in the outer arch.
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