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  • What saw to use in the UK

    Hi guys.

    So I have started my oven and am just getting ready to cut my bricks for the floor. I bought a Diamond blade for my chop saw which lasted all of one brick before it now melts.

    you guys have recommended the 10” harbour freight tile/brick saw but it isn’t sold in the U.K. I have an Einhell Ergo angle grinder which has worked a small amount but now has stopped cutting as well. I saw Brad Mole used a Belle BC305 wet saw but I can only find similar for over 1000.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    A larger wet saw is ideal. When cutting bricks in the past I’ve had success with soaking the brick and scoring with a diamond blade in my angle grinder, spraying often with water to keep the dust down. The dust can be pulled into the tool vents, killing it early. Once scored they will break accurately with a tap from a hammer. I would not want to cut bricks for an entire dome this way though.

    the wet saws are often called “brick saws“, in my area in the states they come up once in awhile on Craigslist and Facebook.


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      Dry cutting fire bricks with a chop saw or grinders does cause a lot of dust that has silica in it which is not good for you, your family or your neighbors. I am not advocating this but I have seen some builders do an adhoc water system for chop saws but gfi protection is a must.
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        Thanks for the replies.

        I have been cutting the brick using a ventilator and doing it during working hours so hopefully the neighbours aren’t too annoyed with the noise dust. It just seems that the blades are not cutting through the brick? Just seems odd. I have another blade on order for my chop saw to see if that makes a difference but if not I will have to hire a proper masonry saw .


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          I found soaking the bricks in a bucket of water for 5 minutes made them a lot easier to cut, it also helps reduce the dust levels a little.