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Oven floor help !

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  • Oven floor help !

    Hello I’m building my first Pompei pizza/bread oven at home.
    At present I have built the block work stand (corner) and concreted a standard 100mm oven base to build from.
    Ive marked out for 43.5 external oven but the next step I’m confused about .
    Everyone used different methods and products and I’m not sure which route to go down .
    Im thinking of using 25mm thick vermiculite fire board then setting my fire bricks for the cooking surface down.
    is this adequate ? Is this correct ? what is the best method ?
    HELP ! I want to get on with it before the weather turns .

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    Instead of 25mm vermiculite board I’ve been suggested I use 50mm ceramic board .
    What do you think ?


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      You should have at least 2" of ceramic fiber board or equivalent insulation material thickness. IE 4" of 5 to 1 perlite or vemiculite/portland. I am not sure what the K values or compression rating is for vermiculite board. I you go this route, post the specs on the blog so they can be reviewed.
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        Thanks for a fast reply to my comment.
        So 2 inches (50mm) ceramic board should be the correct and better option? I did see a chart with compression ratings etc , tbh I didn’t really understand it .Ill see if I can find it and post .