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Joseph's 36" corner build in Cape Town

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    Consider drilling some weep holes in the precast lintel under the floor area so any water can egress out. Wet insulation is one of the most common problems with oven performance.
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      Thanks Utah,

      Next step was to build some counters to create the entertainment area next to our fireplace.

      We used some precast lintels again, with large format granite tiles to create the countertops.

      Of course a birthday spit braai (the South African for a barbecue) provoded the impetus to get things finished!

      The lamb turned out great though...


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        Your spit looks great!
        My 42" build:
        My oven drawings: My oven drawings - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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          JosephW THAT is some serious fire-cooking!!! WOW!
          If we all find out where you live, we are coming for a lesson is fire-based cooking!! WELL DONE!
          Can't wait to see the results (and yes, take Utah's advice and make the weep holes!!).

          Well done - looking forward to this build as wood-fired heaven!
          You are welcome to visit my build HERE


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            Thanks Mark and Baza,

            With our extended family before you know it there's 25 people so a spit is a good way to feed the masses!

            After the counters I started on the roof. Out on the West Coast it gets pretty hot in Summer so some shade is essential.

            I built a basic structure with gum poles, which had previously been positioned and sunk with concrete footers, leaving the bottom of the poles sitting on gravel so that they don't rot. The frame was made with pine trusses. It was a helluva job but by the end of the day it was all worth it!


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              The next step was building the floor of the pizza oven. I found a local supplier of refractory materials, and managed to get good quality ceramic fibre insulating board for the base insulation, and fire bricks for the base / dome.

              I made a cardboard template for the oven floor and landing, and after measuring everything about five times I cut the bricks with my trusty angle grinder. I must say with the beenfit of hindsight my angle grinder was the single most important tool for my build.

              I laid the floor with a herringbone pattern (which has subsequently worked brilliantly), and made sure that the base insulation was wide enough that the dome walls could also be built on top of it.

              I used clean sand on top of the insulating board to set the oven floor level, and all said the result was great.


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                Progress! Nicely done Joseph.
                My 42" build:
                My oven drawings: My oven drawings - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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                  Your project is really looking terrific. I'll be enjoying following your progress.