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Building the Cooking floor

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  • Building the Cooking floor

    My plans are a 36" Pompeii style. For the floor i was planning a 3"-4" perlite/concrete with firebrick floor on top. I have plenty of 1.5" firebrick available but hard to find 2.5" so far. If I use the thinner firebrick can I thicken the base or add a sand layer to aid in heat retention on the thinner bricks?

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    Welcome to the forum community! What will be your primary use for the oven? A thinner cooking floor (like 1.5") heats/reheats faster for something like pizza. If you are going to want more/longer retained heat baking like bread, chicken or roasts- obviously doubled/tripled layers of 1.5" bricks with improved insulation is a worthwhile option. Sand will not give you much in the way of insulation or thermal mass. It's primarily used in a thin layer mixed with a bit of fireclay simply to level the cooking floor. Rather than layered 1.5" bricks, finding full size firebricks is worth the effort (IMHO).

    I know ceramic board is spendy, but in the long run a worthwhile investment in many ways. Also remember that if you use the recommended 5:1 insulating concrete mix underneath you want to shoot for a minimum of 4" (ceramic board provides approximately twice as much insulation per inch so using the board, you'd only need two inches). Many people here who want to maximize heat retention use 4" of ceramic board underneath a full firebrick cooking floor. Also you'll need to insulate the dome with ~2-4" of ceramic batting or an even thicker layer of 10:1 insulating cement mix for max heat retention.

    Lots of excellent builds here that are very well documented. It's time well spent looking at as many as you can so you develop a solid plan BEFORE you start building. Also sounds like if finding full size firebricks is an issue, spend some time looking at doing a cast oven dome...again lots of well documented builds here.
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      Plus 1 with what Mikes says. Do a Google search on Refractory Suppliers in Florida. Most times you will not find full thickness bricks at big box stores.
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