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42" Corner Build in Southern Missouri

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    david s.... I think you can see the four holes I drilled in one of the above pics. I marked where the rebar was before removing the forms so I wouldn't hit them with the drill bit. I'm sure it was much easier after three days instead of after the concrete has cured.


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      Looks very similar. Even though my oven has counter space on both sides, it still isn’t enough room to prep wood on one side and pizzas on the other. Next time I will build it with 4-5’ on each side. Click image for larger version

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      My newbie build thread:


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        I really like your roof design. What's the pitch? Will your flue go thru or around the roof? We want to do something similar because our oven is almost, but just not 100% waterproof. Ours will come off the side of an existing gable above its gutters. Can the WFO roof float about 1-foot above the gable's side?

        Thanks for the inspiration!