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37" Oven Build Stats from start to finsih

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  • 37" Oven Build Stats from start to finsih

    This is a build I just completed from ground breaking to final oven with the following stats:

    Build Time-8 Months /approx 500 hrs --- Cost approx $4000.00

    Base thickness 8"

    Dry stacked block veneered with full size standard brick

    Floating slab-5" thick

    Oven Floor Base- 5" Vermiculite/ Portland mix topped with 2" rigid Calcium Silicate board

    Oven Floor-- Smithfield Medium Duty Firebrick 9 X 4.5 x 2.5 --imbedded in Fireclay--Herring Bone Pattern

    Oven Dome-- 37" Inside dimension - Same brick as floor

    Dome Covering--3-1" layers of Fire Blanket #8 --1 1/2 " Vermiculite/Porland mix--1/2" Stucco hard shell--Covered with tile and sealed

    Flue-- Clay 8" OD square ID 6"

    Door-3/16" welded steel plate with 1 1/2"insulated chamber

    Roof --wood frame--Steel Roof

    These Stats listed are just the basics of my build. If interested I will try to answer your questions . I have almost every step documented with photos.
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    Looks great! Nice view!
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      Well done looks really nice.


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        I like the way you incorporated the roof with the dome. Great design and tile work
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          Terrific Job....
          And ditto on the nice setting!


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            Thank you very much..Marinehart, Fox, Deejayoh, Buzzard Bluff

            That's High Rock lake, NC in the background