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    I built a 40” Pompeii oven last year and I was pretty happy with the pizzas that came out of it. For next year I want to cook other food in it so I need to think about making a door.

    I have a local metalworker that I was going to ask to make it but before speaking to him I thought I ask here first.

    Should the door be single skin or insulated?…..and if so, what construction materials do I need for it?

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    Most oven manufacturers offer an uninsulated steel door. Not only is it a poor choice because steel is highly conductive, but it becomes also dangerously hot. Being so conductive it also loses heat rapidly, drawing heat out of the chamber. Aluminium, while easier to work is even more conductive than steel, so an even worse choice IMHO.Creating an insulated door improves the performance (holding the heat) markedly, but because of the difficulty in fabrication most manufacturers don't offer one. There is a thread called "show us you door" which contains a lot of good ideas.
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      Thanks for that David - That link looks great and I'll have a good read of it later!

      I'd tried to search the forum before posting but I wasn't getting much back as the search term was too generic.


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        If you want to search the forum it is more successful to go to google, type Forno Bravo then the subject you want to search. The forum’s search function is pretty crap.
        Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.