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39.3" round cooking surface (Low Vault) Naples style oven QUESTIONS?

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  • 39.3" round cooking surface (Low Vault) Naples style oven QUESTIONS?

    Thanks James for answering my previous questions, it was helpful. But I still have other Questions, if you don?t mind answering them:

    Interior Dome Height (Low Vault) Naples style

    In The Pompeii Oven?: Plans to Build an Italian Brick Oven
    A low (Neapolitan) vault design with a
    36? internal diameter the interior height is 17?

    My Question is:

    If you have a 39.3? internal diameter (Low Vault) Naples style
    why is the interior height 15.7??


    - Build a Hearth Tray made out of Steel or Metal? What?s the difference between the two?

    - What materials-products should I use for the (light-weight) thermal & insulating layers hearth? In which order & thickness should each layer be to have a light-weight hearth?

    - How can I build a 2? thick cooking hearth?

    - If you?re pouring the hearth in a tray do u need rebar?

    Oven Opening

    - Curved arch made out of steel or cast iron, what do I use to attach? the curved arch with the bricks of the dome on each side? Do I use the same refractory mortar? (8 parts mortar sand, 3 parts Portland cement, 2 parts fire clay)?

    What should my exact insulation be?

    1? refractory coating
    1? insulating blanket
    4? vermiculite concrete
    1? stucco
    1? reveal

    If this insulation is right, in order and enough, then what exactly is:

    1" refractory coating made out of?
    1" insulating blanket?
    4" vermiculite concrete?
    1" stucco?
    1" reveal?

    thanks again James