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900mm Oven in the UK

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  • 900mm Oven in the UK

    Hi everybody,

    I am building a small 900mm oven in the UK. I got a lot of information from this forum and it has given me lots of ideas and solutions during my build so far.

    Last week I finished the dome. I did the first four chains without an inner form and then build a form from polystyrene for the remaining chains. The downside of this was that I could not see the motor joint anymore. As you can see from the pictures I am not stone mason so I was left with some rather big gaps after removing the polystyrene.

    My question is now whether is worth the effort trying to fill the gaps from the inside. The opening of the inner arch is too small for me to actually go inside the oven so doing this work would be a real pain. I am also not sure whether it would add any strength to the build as the gaps are filled with mortar by about 2/3.

    I would appreciate any comments.

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    Re: 900mm Oven in the UK


    I had a dome crack see

    which stemed from not pointing the inside of the oven...Ideally I think your supposed to have the brick so close it doesnt need pointing but it there are gaps I would suggest filling them, mainly so the heat can bounce around in a nice smooth dome..and its harder for the heat to escape...


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      Re: 900mm Oven in the UK

      You should really fill those...preferably with a refractory mortar...here in the US they have a fireplace mortar repair repair product that comes in a tube like you would normally see with silicone caulk...it is made using sodium silicate(water glass) and is relatively easy to clean up...as someone said on a different post...see if you can "rent" a really small and competent person to handel that task...I know it will be a pain but it will be worth it in the long run...I think the size of your oven contributed to the larger gaps as well...I made the mistake of creating a form of sand near the end of the build and I wish I didn't in hindsight...different issue than yours but, it still left me displeased...
      Good luck!
      All the best!
      "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity. " Charles Mingus
      "Build at least two brick ovens...one to make all the mistakes on and the other to be just like you dreamed of!" Dutch


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        Re: 900mm Oven in the UK

        Ross, Dutch,

        Thanks for posts although I was hoping for different answers . But I think you are right it might be worth spending the extra effort to fill in the gabs. Especially after investing so much time already. I have got plenty of refractory mortar left. I think I might buy a mortar gun to make the job easier. I?ll let you know how I am getting on.

        Thanks again



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          Re: 900mm Oven in the UK

          No Worries

          You can also get the fireplace repair cement from B&Q in tubes - I found this really good for filing any gaps or cracks that appear during firing.

          see link Fire Cement, 5015725870147


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            Re: 900mm Oven in the UK

            Filled most of the gabs over the weekend. I used the fire cement from B&Q that Ross recommended. The cement is black but it doesn?t matter as I only needed it at the top of the dome which can?t be seen easily anyway. It was very difficult work because I could only get my head and one shoulder/arm in the oven. Balancing the ?silicon? gun wasn?t much fun. The end results is however quite good. The gabs where deeper as I first thought as I have now 5 empty fire cement tubes.

            I also did the front arch, the fire blanket and vermiculite cement over the weekend. Unfortunately I run out of vermiculate before I could finish it off. If it doesn?t rain tonight I might get the rest done today.


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              Re: 900mm Oven in the UK

              looking really good....its good stuff that cement

              how wide do you have the hole for chimeny ive got mine 3 bricks wide and it
              could really do with being 4.as I still get some out of the front of the arch..I was going to redo it as when i started making fires i was crap and there was loads of smoke..

              I tried the way of making a fire that james did at
              its fantastic lots of smoke for 5 mins then its fantastic no smoke out of the front of the arch at all..


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                Re: 900mm Oven in the UK

                After 4 month without any work on the Pizza oven, this weekend finally was warm and sunny enough to do some work outside.

                I have lots of fire bricks left over so I have decided to build a brick chimney. I first started cutting down the bricks into smaller bricks. I think it will look nicer than using the full size bricks. So far I managed to complete 3 levels and I am planning to go up to at least 7. Getting the bottom bricks cut was quite tricky especially as I am only using a tail cutter.

                I will still have lots of fire bricks and fire cement left over. I am planning to print a list and pictures in a couple of weeks in the forum. If anybody is interested, let me know.


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                  Re: 900mm Oven in the UK

                  Another sunny day and I put the first layer of plaster over the vermiculate/concrete.

                  For the plaster I used 1part cement, 1 part lime, 5 parts plaster sand and water proofer. It went on quite well but the finish is probably more a rustic Italian finish. It might need another layer?

                  I also added another 2 layers on the chimney. It still looks pretty straight.

                  On the picture you can also see my new oven door!


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                    Re: 900mm Oven in the UK

                    I like the rustic look. I think it all looks great, chimney included!



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                      Re: 900mm Oven in the UK

                      looks great mate...good brickwork

                      Where / how have you done the door??

                      Just fired mine up with a medium fire first time this year..

                      pizza party for my daughters first birthday next weekend


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                        Re: 900mm Oven in the UK

                        Hi Ross,

                        Luckily I have got a friend that has a lot of welding stuff in his garage. Couldn?t have done it without him.

                        We basically welded two metal sheets together with and air gab in between. The original idea was to fill the gap in with installation fibres but decided against it because I am worried about getting the fibres into the food. The handles are made from metal rod and file handles. We got the whole door made in about 3 hours.

                        The metal rod was from B&Q. I bought the file handles from the internet. 90p each!

                        I have also started a new thread about the door.


                        If you want more information let me know.

                        Enjoy the Pizza party!


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                          Re: 900mm Oven in the UK

                          First Pizza!

                          This was an absolute success, the pizza were just jammy. We also used the heat to try some bread afterwards.

                          I am still amazed how the oven keeps its temperature. We had Pizza?s on Saturday night and the inside temperature on Monday morning was still 80degC!