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    Hey Folks,
    I have read all the info in the Pompeii oven plans numerous times as well as a heap of stuff in the forums. I am still trying to get my mind around the chimney for a WFO. I can see how the opening is built at the entrance to the oven and how the flu is attached at this point, using either the Dura Vent system or a refractory liner. I am trying to figure out how to insulate this liner when building a housing around the oven. Building codes require masonry surrounding this liner. If using the typical block designed for the usual fireplace chimney, the weight sitting on the arch increases dramatically with increased height. Even building a surround out of brick gets heavy real quick. Can you just wrap the liner with ceramic insulation instead of masonry? I will still need to get the liner thru the roof of the enclosure somehow.
    I have looked thru the photo gallery and have been unable to find the answers I am looking for. I will go back thru them again to see if I missed something. Does anyone understand my question or have I become a babbling idiot??


    George Stein

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    Re: Oven Chimney

    I don't have my chimney through a roof, but I did use a duravent double wall insulated chimney for my oven. It doesn't get above warm temperature on the outside. If your code requires masonry, though, just wrapping it won't meet code. (even though it would probably be fine for temperature)

    I'm not sure you need masonry if it's just a separate enclosure you're talking about, though. I don't think all of the people who have a separate enclosure, not attached to the house, have done so. But if you're doing an enclosure, you have the ability to add extra brick/block on the sides (behind the front wall) to take on any added weight.

    Dmun has quite a tall chimney attached to his build. Look at his thread. But it's part of a house, so he had to do it that way. Check out Ken's enclosure, My old kentucky dome. His chimney, a duravent, I believe, doesn't have masonry other than the arch and vent area.


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      Re: Oven Chimney

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanx for the reply...Glad to see another Virginian ! !

      I went back over all the pics of chimneys and vents again and think I found a couple of ideas.... I will just do a bit of extra strengthening and build the covering for the flue out of brick.