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Sequence of build and curing fires

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  • Sequence of build and curing fires

    Hi guys and gals,

    I think after as much reading on this forum as my head can take I still am a little confused. We have the dome built and should finish the chimney insert today. I have decided to add some thermal mass to my dome. My brain tells me that we should add that mass (using the mortar mix in FB instructions) before any curing fires are done.

    That brings up the next question. How far do we build before starting the fires?
    We need to add mass, add blanket insulation, perlite insulation, stucco finish to complete. At what point do I build to then fire cure.

    Thank you. We sure appreciate everyones help.


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    Re: Sequence of build and curing fires

    More mass is strictly optional. Some people think it adds strength to the dome but I don't really think you need more mass unless you plan on multiple bread bakes.

    It's also somewhat up in the air about when to cure the dome. I think it should be after you insulate but before you do the final coating. The theory is that insulation avoids the big difference between the inside and outside temperature of the dome, and the thermal stress. Also, if you use vermiculite concrete, there is a LOT of water in that that needs to be driven off. That said, a lot of people fire uninsulated domes, you can do it either way. Don't forget to keep it covered and damp for a week before your first fire - concrete needs moisture to cure to full strength.
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      Re: Sequence of build and curing fires

      I would finish the oven completely except for the final finish and/or roof enclosure.