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Hearth heat transfer.

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  • Hearth heat transfer.

    Is there a way to transfer some of the heat from the hearth into a table set next to the hearth? Would steel heat up from inside the hearth and transfer itself through rebar to make a table surface which is connected to the hearth become slightly warm? Hmmm. All this oven building has made me tired, and unable to get my point across correctly. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

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    What are you trying to do? Fire a grill next to your pizza oven?
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      Rebar will transfer some of the heat, but I'm not confident you'll get much result without a prolonged fire, which may be counter productive to the effeciency you want to acheive.

      You might try and use a loop of tubing set in the hearth slab that runs into the adjacent table slab. Then much like a radiant heat floor works, push a liquid through the tubing to acheive heat transfer. Given your desire to be carbon neutral you might want to use a solar powered pump!

      Keep in mind that as you heat the table, you cool the oven. This will likely be insignificant though, particularly if you are eating and not cooking any longer.


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        Many questions.

        O.K. I'm done with the hearth heat transfer idea. I was hoping to maybe have a warm area for dough to grow, but I realise now that there's not really much point. Or maybe there is, who knows? Here's my new idea. I want to run a steel air line into my oven to feed air to my fire. If I vented my dome, and had a air line feeding my fire from a compressor I feel I could better regulate the temperatures inside my oven. Do you all put your fires in the same spot in your ovens every time, or do you rotate them? How high can my chimney be? Seriously, how high is the limit? I have neighbors. If I put a vaccum fan on my flue, will my oven burn hotter? I want to build a fifty two inch pompeii oven. Does anyone see a porblem with that? I found a merchant here in L.A who is willing to trade our antique bricks for fire bricks, and we have hundreds of them. I love brick ovens.