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Vent to small

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  • Vent to small

    So what is the downside of having a vent to small?
    I had some help this weekend that turned out to be more work. I had to leave at the end of the day and my help thought that they would help and bought a vent pipe from HD. Then filled up my 8” hole with ref mix and put the double wall 5” vented pipe in. So now that it is only the opening in the arch I could cut it out back to the 8” but it is going to be a lot of work. To top it off they mixed my SS needles in with the mix to help hold the ref in place???
    So what should I do (other than shot the help)?
    Thanks for the help….
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    Re: Vent to small

    Well I guess that I am lucky sometimes. I got home and was able to pull the vent right out. When I looked at the inside of the arch it looked good. They used the bricks that I had cut so it still was angled perfect and the opening was 8” jus filled in with fire rock. Was able to knock out the extra and now back to the 8” opening for the vent. I will get the right vent and move on.


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      Re: Vent to small

      If you want it done right....do it yourself huh? Glad to hear you were able to recover...
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