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How did you blanket your dome?? - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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How did you blanket your dome??

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  • How did you blanket your dome??

    How did you attach you blanket to your dome? I am looking into how I should do this and what good and bad might be?

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    Re: How did you blanket your dome??

    Hi Cypress,
    I used a thin layer of heat morter to adhere the first layer of blanket to the dome. It worked really well. If you're doing a second layer - that's a different story. I used chicken wire to hold the blanket in place but be careful.....the fricken wire kept cutting me. Be patient and don't swear too loud as the neighbours will start complaining!! In my opinion, this was the most frusterating thing out of the whole build. Good luck. ~Joe


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      Re: How did you blanket your dome??

      I used bailing wire
      Check out my pictures here:

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        Re: How did you blanket your dome??

        I was given a very long length of kevlar measuring tape, like the kind surveyors use. It had become damaged at the "dumb" end and so I was given it for free. Kevlar is used for many things: it is extremely strong and as such is used in bullet proof and slash/stab proof clothing; it is also resistant to temps up to about 1000F and is used in fancy hi heat gloves used by glass blowers. You can perhaps talk your local power crew or telephone guy into donating a length as it is used as pull line for pulling wire thru conduit (often really really long lengths!). It is gold in color and shiny so that should help in recognizing it. As pulling line it is often a flat woven tape. I didn't find I needed that much here are three photos of the steps of my blanket insulation:

        Hope they help,