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    I was wondering if anyone has built aStand/Hearth for the oven to provide for some table space. Will this effect the thermal heat up? Sould there be a break in Hearth.
    I am looking for a little extra counter top for pizza toppings or just eating the pizza.

    Would it be better (if not easier to add some kind of board/tiles for my extra space ... could that be effected by the heat?

    Any one have ideas on this?

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    If you use the "New" method that James has provided via a sticky then you should be ok in terms of heat transfer. The bottom portion of your hearth will be the reinforced structural concrete, on top of this is your insulating layers and on top of that will be the oven floor (fire brick). If you are making a gable structure then around your oven will be insulation which again mitigate the migration of heat from your oven. If you are using an igloo style then again the igloo is surrounded with insulation again mitigating the migration (I love those 2 words today) of heat into the surrounding structure. In the plans that we are ever so slowly revising you will find both the methods described above and the island hearth (more thermal mass). When I am finallly allowed to make my oven I plan on using the island hearth as the wife wants bread just like CanuckJim makes (she is going to be dissapointed).

    As for your suggestion of making an extention to the basic structure, yes go ahead and do it. DMUN has done just that - here are some phtots I stole from his photo bucket.

    from the FB web site
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      double wide hearth

      I'm building one as I type... Well I should be building it.. It's basically a double sized hearth stand. One side of it will be the actual hearth, and the other side a prep area around the same size as the hearth. Same basic deal as the suspended hearth slab, minus the insulation. I don't anticipate any heat transfer, as I am going with an island hearth. I'll send photos soon.


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        Two thoughts

        You can also step the work surfaces down. Our oven floor (and landing) is 42" high, which I like, and our work surfaces are at 37" high. That way, the support for the work surfaces doesn't even touch the hearth. It falls into the stand.

        Also, you can build the outdoor "Cabinets" out of metal studs and concrete board. It's an option.

        Here is a photo that shows (sort of), the step down and metal framing we have here.

        I agree that if you want pour it all at once and the same level, that it well be fine, and not get hot, with the "new" hearth design.

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          Excellent idea.. Thanks James and all. Thank You! I like that way more than that large amount of cement I was expecting!