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    I am in the process of building a 36" oven. I shaped the floor so I could stand full height soldier bricks outside the floor. The interior of the oven should be 19" with a 12" to top of arch door. The oven is inside our kitchen. We live in an area that requires heating in the winter 7000 ft elevation in Colorado. I need to have a damper to minimize heat lose through the chimney. The chimney location is at the rear of the oven due to this project being an 18 year after thought. So the chimney will have to go over the top of the oven and then out an existing 8" clay tile chimney. I was thinking of either making a damper similar to what you may find in a fireplace that is located just as the chimney leaves the oven or to try to fabricate a butterfly damper inside the 8" clay chimney tiles. The latter would be simpler to make but more difficult to integrate functionally.
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    Re: Flue Damper

    Masonry heater dampers are much more substantial than the ones they make for woodstoves or fireplaces. They have to seal off the air flow so the mass of masonry heats the house, not the outside air.

    Here's a page with hardware for masonry heaters, the dampers are at the bottom.

    Cast Iron Hardware | Masonry Heaters and Wood Fired Ovens - Maine Wood Heat Co.
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      Re: Flue Damper

      Thanks for the link. I actually had one of their dampers in hand many years ago as I was preparing to construct a masonry stove. In fact the bricks I am using for the oven were originally slated for that project. I'm not sure how will it would work into my oven since the chimney is so far back from the front of the oven. It may be the way I go but for now I will do more exploring.