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Using Soapstone and possible applications

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  • Using Soapstone and possible applications

    i found this site after i started my planning and prep for a wood fired pizza oven.
    I found two very old and heavy soapstone sinks via craigslist which I
    cut up with my gas wet saw..pieces varied in thickness from 1.5 inches to 2.5inches and glazed,and avg 18 in by24in.
    i know soapstone is used in fireplace surrounds and woodstoves.
    my question is :would soapstone be a good secondary stone under
    the oven floor "firebrick layed out in a herringbone pattern".
    if so how would you set it?
    can i use the other pieces for insulation over the firebrick dome?
    The one drawback on soapstone is although very dense and heavy it is very soft stone.
    thanks for all your response in advance

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    Re: Using Soapstone and possible applications


    I was going to use some soapstone I has as well but I was told that it could have an adverse effect on the floor's ability to heat up (you would have to heat both the bricks and stone to temp) and then possibly retain too much heat and burn your pizzas. I've used soapstone for many years on the grill and other cooking methods; it holds heat for a very long time. I cant imagine using it on the floor though as it's very soft but boy does it look good. I continue to use a few 3cm pcs as cooking griddles inside the oven. They work fantastic.

    Good luck,

    Check out my build http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f8/b...egin-5443.html


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      Re: Using Soapstone and possible applications

      thnx for the reply

      Im still trying to get clear
      my oven plans before constructing it.
      will find another use for this soapstone