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Firebrick Primer

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    Re: Firebrick Primer

    Hello Turkey Joe. The easiest way is with a 14" wet saw, but that could be cost prohibitive. What is your plan of construction and size of bricks?


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      Re: Firebrick Primer

      Seems like a few years back light duty was the recomended brick to use and now I am seeing medium duty recomended from FB in the primer I printed off a while back.
      Light duty is half the price of medium duty in my area in Canada and am wondering is it really worth going with the added expense of the medium duty. I am building a 42" pompeii, how much would one notice the difference say in heat up time and temp holding time?
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        Re: Firebrick Primer

        i live in washington state and my local supply yard says no one in the state carries anything other than the 2100 deg bricks and all the ovens in the area have been built with his bricks. will using these higher temp bricks really make a difference


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          Re: Firebrick Primer

          I am a total novice regarding brick ovens. I would like to build a Pompeii oven but it has gotten late in the year and winters here in Michigan are very cold. Here is a question concerning the mixing and the curing of the mortar used to cement the bricks together. Can this be done successfully in the winter without compromising the longevity and the structural soundness of the oven ? I will appreciate the advice.



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            Re: Firebrick Primer

            Hello I have a question...a brick supplier told me that silicate dust is carcinogenic and therefore should not be used to cook food directly on...does anyone have an opinion on this? Thanks
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              Re: Firebrick Primer

              James, do you think this soapstone brick would make a good cooking surface? i have FB Board down and want to use this firebrick if it would work well for bread and pizzas



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                Re: Firebrick Primer

                New to the forum, I was wandering about fire clay. I'm getting ready to put down my first brick, and it says to use fire clay, sand and water on the bottom. Is there something else you can use? Having a hard time finding fire clay.


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                  Re: Firebrick Primer

                  Fire clay is often labeled Mortar Clay. It is available at Home Depot in the Sacramento area. Don't know if you have Home Depot in Idaho. Is there anything there?


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                    Re: Firebrick Primer

                    i couldn't find it either so my wife and i took a hammer to the firebricks and made our own. very very tedious work but it did give us a layer to lay the bricks into and level it.


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                      Re: Firebrick Primer

                      Crushed brick is a fired product not the same as fireclay. If you can't source fireclay ask for either brickies sand which has a clay content or brickies clay which you can add. The clay makes the mortar a bit more sticky and workable which is what you need.
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                        Re: Firebrick Primer

                        James, I need to talk to you. I can't seem to get anything done by talking to the people who are processing orders. It's been two weeks, and still no straight answers. I'm in a bind, please help.

                        I left more than ample time to receive the order from your company, but they have bumbled it with what easily qualifies as the most incomprehensibly pathetic excuse for customer service.

                        Two weeks to process an order for some mortar and insulation? One week just to decide that maybe it needs some attention. Whatever you do, don't tell me that it is shipped when it hasn't. Amber has told us on numerous occasions that it had shipped without being able to provide tracking numbers. When Maria finally provided tracking, it was for 8 parcels that were supposed to have been delivered yesterday to a FedEx facility that never received them. There is no way that I can understand the number of screw ups, lack of responsibility, and inability to just tell me the truth! I could have sourced goods from elsewhere if I had been told on any of the occasions prior to now you were unable to fulfill the order.

                        Seriously bad form.



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                          Re: Firebrick Primer

                          I am about to place an order for bricks and 32% alumina is available. I thought I would use my mitre saw with a brick cutting blade. Do I need to buy a wet saw? And the brick supplier says I should use "Flue Set" rather than a mixture using fire clay. And comment on flue set?


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                            Re: Firebrick Question

                            Originally posted by JoeT62 View Post
                            I just located a local supplier for firebrick. He said he has both the yellow and red as "low duty." My question is: is the low duty ALWAYS the yellow color, or could he be right?

                            I would love to go with red if possible.
                            I prefer the look of red, too. But I went with the lighter brick because it reflects more light inside the oven. Besides you, who else sees them, really?


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                              I plan on building a 36" Pompei and I am at the stage of building the actual oven.
                              I was able to buy some brick used for a $1/each.
                              They appear to be the std size, colour and weight (9X2.5X4.5, yellow, 8ish lbs).
                              I don't know the origin of the bricks for certain but the man I bought them from said they came from the Canadian Mint and were 100yrs old.

                              Once I cleaned the brick up I was able to read the names on the brick.
                              The names are "A.P. Green OZARK DP" or "P O P".
                              Curious as to whether they were low, med, or high duty I did some research.
                              I couldn't find any reference to what duty they were but I did see that the A.P. GREEN used asbestos in its refractory products.
                              I couldn't find any reference to the P O P bricks at all.

                              Does anyone have any more information on these bricks?
                              Approximately half the bricks are the OZARK bricks - I don't want to use them if they have asbestos.
                              Is there anyway to confirm?

                              What are your thoughts?

                              Thanks in advance,



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                                Send a sample out to a certified lab for testing. Lots of labs on the web or go to the attached link to find a local one. Home test kits are of questionable value.
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