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need side picture of dome opening

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  • need side picture of dome opening

    I poured my hearth today and am reading up on the next steps of building the dome. I want to keep it simple and go with the directions of using an angle iron framed opening. I have gone through lots of the posts and most of the pictures but dont seem to find a good side view of this. I guess it is hard to picture in my mind how it actually ties into the row of bricks. Maybe I will just have to start building since it says to put it in the 3rd row. I just cant see how to place the angle iron in my mind and I cant tell from the front view in the directions.

    Thanks for any help if someone knows where some good side shots are of

    One other question I have some limestone about 2 inches thick does anyone know if this would work for the vent opening walls and possibly the top where the vent attaches instead of firebrick or is the heat to much for it?

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    Re: need side picture of dome opening

    I found some pics, think I looked at everty picture on the site. If anyone else was wondering about this step you can look at these for help.

    PhotoPlog - Uploads Posted By Frances

    PhotoPlog - Uploads Posted By gjbingham

    Still no luck on if my limestone will work or if the heat is to much for it?