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Weather changing and can't finish oven...

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  • Weather changing and can't finish oven...

    The progress on our oven has slowed and I'm not sure if we can finish it before the weather here in Oregon changes. On some days I think it's possible to get it finished - but on other days I think I'm crazy. I do a whole lot of thinking and not a lot of building. My husband is a football coach and has very little (actually none) time to help. So it's my project to finish, but I teach school and don't have a lot of time either. We had planned on steel framing and a roof, plus all the stonework to be finished before the rainy season assails us. My husband says to put a tarp over it and wait until next summer. I'm not sure if that's such a great idea. But I was thinking that I could stucco the dome and tarp the rest until we could finish it in June. Would this help, and would the brick and stonework be allright?

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    Re: Weather changing and can't finish oven...

    Yes, a strapped-down tarp will work fine. I stopped work on my oven over the winter, and built a little temporary roof, but I had to keep rain and cold out of the workshop. For a freestanding oven a tarp will be good.
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      Re: Weather changing and can't finish oven...

      Your cement will probably enjoy the long, cool, wet setting period. Only trick is it will (tarp and all) no doubt be pretty wet in the spring, but... no big deal. Just dry it out slow and it will be fine!

      Too bad you didn't make it, but it won't be the end of the world!



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        Re: Weather changing and can't finish oven...

        I'm sort of in the same boat.... trying to get the oven finished and closed in before winter really sets in. We had rain all night last night and we have had frost. There is snow in the forecast over the next day or so, but it should not last.
        I've covered the dome with a tent fly and an insulated blanket, and added some heat, initially just a trouble light with a 60 watt bulb and now have an electric heater set to a low setting. Just set the keystones in today and hope to finish off the arch and vent over the next week. May end up working under a trouble light for a few evenings.
        I hope to have it framed in before the end of the month. To do this, I will have to take advantage of every opportunity I get.



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          Re: Weather changing and can't finish oven...

          If it's not too cold, you could buy one if those little picnic canopies with the collapsible poles and nylon roof pretty cheap. They come in about 8'x8', and a couple bigger sizes, as well. They're big enough to cover the project and keep the elements out until you're done. If you're close to the end, that might be the ticket.