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credit where credit is due dept.

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  • credit where credit is due dept.

    One of my neighbors is a stone mason and he's been keeping a furtive eye on my progress over the summer. He made only a few comments mostly along the lines of discussing things about stonework more than my specific work. Once I finished and was just adding a few touches here and there he commented. He was wildly impressed. Genuinely so. He was full of compliments and to know Chris is to know he doesn't just toss those around easily. He said I should be proud. (I am). He said he's been talking about it with the guys on the job. He had that same look one gets when they really know and there's almost a vicarious pride in the work and success of someone else's work.

    I worked over 30+ years ago as a mason's laborer which translates as the boss was the brains and I was the muscle. I didn't know the why or how of most of the work, I just knew how to follow directions. So when it came time to build the oven it was about as good as knowing nothing. If my neighbor is so very congratulatory it isn't because I came to the project with a vast breadth of knowledge or skill. My success is due to Forno Bravo's Pompeii oven plans, James' relentless sense of mission and all the help I got from all over the planet right here on this forum. So all I want to do now is to be sure you all get the credit. And if anyone who is beginning their oven reads this I want to assure them it is all possible. My build has been a supremely enjoyable experience and I owe much of that to this place right here.

    I will rely heavily on this forum as I get to live with my oven. I will want to see what - if any - problems arise and how to deal with them. Just because there's a creature of sizable proportions in my garden and just because I put it there doesn't mean we know each other yet. There's a honeymoon period followed by a life to share.
    Here we go. And thanks again. Mangiamo!

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    Re: credit where credit is due dept.

    Congratulations. I can see how someone could look at some of the threads here and conclude that it's just too hard. That would be a mistake. If I can do it, anyone can. But it takes a long time, and it takes perseverance. Just take it one step at a time and eventually you are eating pizza that you made yourself in an oven you made yourself. How cool is that?


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