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FB insulating board AND insulating concrete?

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  • FB insulating board AND insulating concrete?

    Hey all,

    I think I pretty much know the answer to this, but here we go...

    The Pompeii construction instruction say that you can either pour an insulating layer (vermiculite) of concrete for the insulating hearth OR purchase the FB boards as your insulating hearth. I have noticed some builds using BOTH.

    I am purchasing the FB Pompeii kit which comes with the FB insulating board, do I really need to pour a layer of insulating concrete as well.

    Logic tells me that the more insulation the better, but is it really necessary?



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    Re: FB insulating board AND insulating concrete?

    Hi Dan!

    I have two inches of board under my oven (different brand but similar performance). Under the board is a plain concrete slab. I have no problems heating up the oven or retaining heat.

    I DO feel some heat under the concrete slab a few hours after cooking; so some of the heat is sneaking out. I suppose a vermiculite concrete layer below the boards would help a little bit, but I don't know if it would make much difference.

    You definitely don't need both types of insulation under the oven. On the other hand, we always preach: "You can't have TOO MUCH insulation".

    It's your choice!

    (Personally, I would just go with the boards and forgo the joys of working with vermiculite concrete)
    Ken H. - Kentucky
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