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  • Recommended Construction Equipment

    This is probably in the wrong area of the list - my apologies

    I've seen some very informative posts on masony tools, masonry saws, concrete mixers, etc.

    I haven't seen much on heavier equipment.

    I have some earth to move in my back yard. Not alot but there is a berm to skim the top off and some general levelling.

    I've had only limited exposure to a Bobcat and found that I was not too effective at scraping dirt (- like cutting the tops off berms) as I thought I should be. I'm in the southeast US - hard red clay. In my inexperienced hands I found it was very good at tearing up the grass!!! It did get the job done, though and was about the most legal fun I've ever had for 250 bucks!!! Had a decent lawn again about 9 mos later. - but I digress.

    I saw the other day at the rental store a ditch witch skid steer. looks like a mini bull dozer with tracks that you stand behind to operate. Has anyone had any experience with those interms of earth moving and in terms of using it to move piles of gravel and sand as I put in the subbase for my pizza oven foundation and patio?

    Anyone have better suggestions on what I should rent?

    Should I even rent? I know it depends greatly on the area, but anyone have a general feel for how much experienced labor could I get for the 250 daily fee for the bobcat? The stand up skid steer is about 150 a day.

    This is a great list - thanks for all the help!

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    I rented this thing. I thing it cost about $200 for 24 hours. It dug down about 3 feet in hard colorado clay. It saved my back from the most gruntlike of the grunt work and it was fun to drive.

    They called it a mini-excavator.

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