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Draft basics?

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  • Draft basics?

    Hey guys trying to get ready to design vent size. I'm pulling off of memory but I think I read you get the best draft from going large to small areas. Is that correct. Because I'm so tight I will only be able to brick the inner arch. From ther I have to pour the front arch. The poening is 20" so i was thinking 20" wide x 4" deepx 6" tall. From there taper to a n 8" wide x 4" deep to set the anchor plate. Does that sound like I'm the right track.

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    Re: Draft basics?

    How big a flue pipe were you going to go with and how big is your oven. If I understood your post correctly you will have 8 x4 opening to set your anchor plate on and this does not sound right.
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      Re: Draft basics?

      It would be an 8" round. From pics I see it doesn't look like many are deeper than 8". I would use an ancor plate. I'm casting it.


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        Re: Draft basics?

        an 8" round flue will be fine for a 42' Pompeii, running off an anchor plate, but I would have that plate as high above your oven openning as practicable to allow the smoke and gasses to flow in the chimney upwards direction than flow straight out your front arch.
        Even if you flattened out the circular flue to a flattened oval, it will still be the same area and should work fine.
        I have an 8" flue but a much wider and deeper and also higher void to direct the smoke out and up.
        Pics on my build, see below.

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