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Flue installation

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  • Flue installation

    Does anyone have detailed pics of how to build up around the entrance in order to install the flue?

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    There are as many ways of doing this as people who have built ovens. Help us out by letting us know if you are doing a flue in an entryway, or as a hood over the oven door, and what kind of flue you are planning to use.
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      i plan on using a terra cotta flue in the entry way.


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        You could build up a transition from your opening to your flue using firebrick - splits (half thickness bricks) would be easier to saw, and closer to the thickness of the tile. Others have cast elements from refractory cement, although these require building forms, and taking time to cure. Others have made the transition from the entry to the flue with heavy gage sheet metal, although most of these are using light-weight triple wall metal flue units.

        Pictures? Fio's oven with the cast manifold.

        Drake's cast manifold

        Here's Aravelo's brick built transition.

        I couldn't find a pic of a metal one, offhand, but search for "flue" or "entry", I'm sure you'll find one.

        As for me, I'm leaning toward a brick-built one, but I'm not there yet.
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          The "vent" and the "chimney" are different. The vent sits outside the oven and helps draw hot air and smoke out of the oven. It connects to the chimney, which can be either double wall stainless steel, or terracotta.

          There are couple of different ways to build you vent -- all of which are considered mainstream.

          1. You can have a local metal shop fabricate a metal "hood" that you attach outside the oven, above the door. You can support it with bricks side walls, or leave the hearth open -- and you can hide the vent with decorative walls, stucco, stone, etc.

          2. You can build the vent area using bricks. You build the vent walls, then cut bricks to shape the area that collects the hot air -- leaving a hole to connect the chimney.

          3. You can cast a vent with you own form using refractory concrete, and set it in place with brick vent walls.

          There are examples of each of these in the brick oven photos, and more information here:


          Pizza Ovens
          Outdoor Fireplaces


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            See pics.
            More coming if necessary



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              Thanks so much everyone for your information regarding this matter.