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    I have a solid piece of 1 1/4 inch granite left over from my kitchen and i would like to know if i can use it in front of the oven opening. It would actually be in front of the ash drop. How hot does that area get?
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    Not too hot

    The front landing does not get too hot, and you can definitely use granite there. I have granite in front of one oven and I like it. It's easy to clean and nice and smooth. No seams to worry about.

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      Not granite, precisely...
      Not problems with temperature or at all.


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        Nice work Luis

        Luis, what is the material? By the way, I love the look of your oven. I like the stacked brick thing. Very cool! I really like the statuary as well, it is very chic.
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          The shell is sorta' reptilian, perhaps an armadillo. Very cool! Is the statuary from the islands? Really reminds me of my childhood in Brasil.


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            Marble and such

            In front of the ash drop I used an inch and half thick piece of square cut sedimentary limestone, called Owen Sound Ledgerock here. It's the kind of stuff used for patios, and I've laid a lot them. This was a leftover from a large job. Works great, doesn't get that hot, more like warm. Even so, I stuck it down with refractory mortar.

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