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  • 3 questions

    First i wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping me out so far. i just finished my dome and ill post some pictures after i get off of work...

    now on to the questions. It rained pretty bad a few days ago, and somehow it was windy enough to blow the tarps i had covering my oven partially off. when I went to check on my oven, the insulation mat underneath was completely soaked (as much of it as i could see any way). I was wondering if water damages the insulation or makes it less effective in any way?

    second, it was late when i had finished my dome so i was unable to get inside the oven to clean off the mortar stains because i couldn't see. I was contemplating just leaving it, but i was wondering if there was a time efficient way of cleaning off the inside of my dome. If not, I guess it's not hurting anything.

    Third, can i start curing my oven before i have put the insulating blanket around the oven, or should I wait until i insulate?

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    Re: 3 questions

    1. No. I left a piece of my board out all winter with some brick stacked on it. It didn't seem to be compromised at all.

    2. If you have chunky pieces of mortar hanging down, you could probably knock it off with an angle grinder. If it is just stained, it's probably not worth the effort.

    3. You can cure before insulating. In fact, if everything is that wet, it may be advantageous.

    Check out my pictures here:

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