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gabled house chimney design

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  • gabled house chimney design

    I have recenly finished the dome and vent arch. I was thinking of making a platform for the chimney/flue to rest on out of some extra refractory mortar, but i don't know if it is the right substance to make a castable surface out of.

    I'm planning on making a gabled house around the dome but i'm not exactly sure how housed enclosure of the gabled house will affect the flue/chimney(I'm assuming a flue and a chimney are the same thing). I was hoping to use some clay flu liners, but i may have to fabricate a stainless steel tube system. Either way, once the flue/chimney is set on top of the vent, does it have to be wrapped with anything like insulation? I have been reading that the flue gets extremely hot. if that is the case, wouldn't it warp, burn, or have some other adverse effect on the gabled house structure? If i decide to use clay flue liners, do i have to treat them differently than the steel tubing?

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    Re: gabled house chimney design


    I used a clay flu. I used an angle grinder to shape it to fit over the opening - much like yours. I just simply mortared it on and it's working very well.

    Check out my pictures here:

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      Re: gabled house chimney design

      Les, I really like the way your oven turned out! I expecially like your bricked in grill. That's next on my list for the backyard...Thanks for the advice. I'm going to try and construct my flue the same way because it seems like the most cost efficient and easiesy way to do so.

      I still am a little confused on how to finish the flue though. How many flue liners did you use to get it tall enough, and did you insulate your flue or did you just laybrick around it?

      Also, on side note...I'm going to order my insulation blanket either tomorrow or in a couple days. For a 42 inch oven, would three insulation blankets be sufficient? I'm not sure if this is correct, but I was planning in using 3 layers of blanket around my oven, and I can't quite tell how many blankets I need to order.