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Advice on the final finish to water proof

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  • Advice on the final finish to water proof

    Hello to all. I have finally finished my oven. Its been cured and had a couple of firings making the best pizza. I cover it with plastic when not in use as i'm a little worried of water seeping in. The oven is currently finished with a washed sand, cement render. People are telling me that painting it with an acrylic paint will be OK but i'm not so sure. Has anyone used this method. All advice is welcome.

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    Re: Advice on the final finish to water proof

    Acrylic paint is fine. You can repaint it every 6 months or so as using it lots makes it a bit dirty. Some people don't recommend sealing the outside because in addition to stopping moisture getting in you also prevent moisture getting out. Be 100% sure that you have driven all the moisture out before painting. I reckon you need 7 decent fires, after the curing has been done before the oven is properly dry. Sometimes you can see damp patches on the outside. Try also holding your hand on the outside of the oven. If it feels a bit damp or is hot the you still have moisture there.
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      Re: Advice on the final finish to water proof

      Thanks for your quick reply, I have noticed some damp patches on the oven after I have cooked in it. It does get a little warm to touch also. Do you think this will reduce with more use? So painting is a good option instead of rendering. Should I wait before I paint?


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        Re: Advice on the final finish to water proof

        I water proofed my oven with a masonary waterproofing compound as I didn't want acrylic paint on it as I think that the render around the chimney was geeting too hot for the paint to last.

        The waterproofing compound is a liquid that came from Bunnings and it was mixed with water, portland cement and oxide for colouring and painted onto the oven with 3 coats. Attached is a photo of the completed colouring (any excuse to show off the oven!!!)

        Let me know if you want any more details on the water proof stuff and I can look when I get home.

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          Re: Advice on the final finish to water proof

          The more info you can send the better. The recipe for the mixture would also be helpful. I will be using only on the dome. By using your method have you had any issues this water getting in? Do you use a cover at any time to protect?