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Dome Installation Video - Casa / Premio / Modena


For many of you who bought a modular oven, you may have asked how we put the domes together when we build them. For those of you considering one of our ovens, we shot a video to make your install easier.

Check it out on our You Tube Channel.


If the link doesn't work, simply go to You Tube and type Forno Bravo Channel. The video title is How to Set your Forno Bravo Oven Dome Pieces.

Thanks for participating in our Forum. We will have more video content available soon.
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Cracked Flue

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  • Cracked Flue

    I fired up my oven for the first time to full temperature (+700 degrees F) and the horizontal flue cracked. The horizontal flue is made out of clay flue liners, as is the chimney stack, and it cracked where a smaller horizontal piece is sandwiched in between a 2' section and the chimney stack. The horizontal pieces had one side cut off and placed so as to form an upside U to form a channel. Temperature readings on the flue during firing never exceeded 325 F. The oven went to over 725 in places. I think the biggest cause for the crack was a mortar joint a little too large caused by a not quite flush fit.
    I need to get this fixed, obviously. Should I; A, Fill crack with more mortar and continue firing. B, Repair the crack with a thick glob of castable refractory cement, C, Can I pour and encase the clay liner in a refractory cement or D, remove the horizontal pieces and create a whole new horizontal flue with castable?
    Any help, or sympathy, is greatly appreciated

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    Re: Cracked Flue

    Id encase it with refractory concrete.

    Have you got any more pics of your oven, Im interested to see the design having a horizontal flue and all?
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      Re: Cracked Flue

      Originally posted by brickie in oz View Post
      Im interested to see the design having a horizontal flue and all?
      No doubt. the gasses from the oven want to go vertical, or at least mine do
      Check out my pictures here:

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        Re: Cracked Flue

        I'll post some more up. It's a lot like Doug Spaldings' design with a few tweaks because of lack of blocks in southwest US. Encasing it right now, I'll let you know how it went