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Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

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    Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

    Does the board also set the pitch of the brick? Or do you need to adjust it on every chain?
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      Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

      Hey James,
      whilst out at Hendo's the other day, I saw his guage gathering dust just leaning up against the wall where his sink is to be placed.
      I'm sure that Margaret (Hendo's wife), would give it to the forum if we have a museum for special items.
      I could sent it to you if needed!

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        Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

        anyone can tell me why I cannot see the pictures of Hendo's dome gauge ?


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          Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

          James is having problems with the programme that has apparently selectively taken people off the list to view images.
          That said, his guage was a rotating ball joint that you find on some cheaper photographic tripod and mounted on a board in the centre of his hearth, A length of wood was screwed to it and another block located at the oven radius (I think from memory his was a 38" oven so the block was located to place all bricks 19") which located every brick exactly that precise radius from the oven base centre.

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            Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

            I got the same effect using a rotating hinge in the middle of the cooking floor.

            I'm sure the pics will come up again if you check back - I couldn't see any yesterday either...
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              Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

              Hendo's gauge was inspirational and spawned many a great dome.
              I am currently using one of the Hendo gauge offspring that takes his great idea and improves on it with a clamp to insure each brick's distance AND angle is perfect.
              Check it out at:

              It has made the dome a no brainer (perfect for me).
              Also using "the angleizer" to take the brain work out of the arches.
              Availble at HD, see it on my thread.
              Good luck.
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                Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

                I've been mulling over this tool and how I'm going to build it. I'm going to prototype a tool made from a lazy susan, 2 models are available at Lowes. Look for Waxman and lazy susan. It's not a great advantage to have the bearing, but that for $6 to $10 I have 360 degrees covered. Next by connecting a horizontal rod across the upper, free, rotating plate I can cover the pivot for the vertical changes. I'm leaning toward a threaded hoizontal rod with aircraft bolts to attach it to L brackets at the edges of the lazy susan and two more to bracket the rod at the center point that sets the radius. So this part of the unit in the end is like a universal joint on truck. Mount the whole thing to plywood or masonite or whatever you need to to have a steady, non moving base.

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                  Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

                  Thought I would share my variation of the indispensable tool with what I think is the next step in innovation.
                  For the universal joint I have used a magnetic door stop from the local hardware store. The shaft is made from some dowel and it all screws together. The advantages for this design is
                  • Able to be constructed with no welding
                  • Allows infinite accurate movement in all directions without sticking or catching that you would get with hinges or wire
                  • The end has a spring so if clearance is required the spring will allow ~2-3mm clearance
                  • Can be removed easily at the end of the day or to attach a pen etc. Can be removed without getting into the oven.

                  The base just screws to the plywood in the oven. (more pictures when I start)
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                    Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

                    Great idea. More pictures.

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                      Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

                      Very nice and original idea.


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                        Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

                        I am a newbee here, this is a valuable piece of info. for me.
                        Thank You


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                          Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

                          Just thought I would also share my design as it has been brilliant and robust. It is also adjustable if you need to, say for supporting those funny fill in bricks around a chimney or something.

                          Hope it helps someone


                          As you will see I have been reusing materials from an old chimney in a bid to be "slightly eco" and this has been invaluable.

                          All the Best - Andy


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                            Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

                            I have been wondering why so many new builders come up with the idea of making an IT where the pivot rod hits the brick at the top. I finally decided to see what the sticky suggested and VOILA! I found that these directions on how to build an IT are INCORRECT

                            All credit to Hendo for coming up with the first design on this - but many of us have found the flaw with this design. An it built this way will result in an oven with each course staggered backward a bit from the previous one. This is because each brick is slightly off axis to the pivot, as the brick is not centered on the pivot.

                            Here is an example from a thread I saw today
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Picture1.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	20.2 KB
ID:	297292

                            Here is a graphic explaining taken from another thread
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	29790d1338376921t-trouble-setback-brick-courses-need-advice-photo0528.jpg
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Size:	1.5 KB
ID:	297293

                            To work properly, the IT pivot rod needs to hit each brick in the CENTER (measured from top to bottom). This will give you a smooth radius to your dome
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	IT_fix.jpg
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Size:	22.5 KB
ID:	297294


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                              Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea



                              I agree I found this on the first and second course on my oven However I was using arch bricks variable profile, to minimise gaps and end with almost finish, doing a flatter dome, so needed the adjustable IT worked a treat to avoid this.

                              But with a fixed hemisphere Dennis is completely right so pay attention
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                              Cheers Colin

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                                Re: Hendo's dome gauge -- nice idea

                                I have an IT that I'm done with now and had gotten from Kurtloup and made some modifications, so if anyone wants it, please message me privately. It doesn't come with the angle tool, but I recommend buying one from Lowes.
                                Link to my build

                                Link to my pictures