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For many of you who bought a modular oven, you may have asked how we put the domes together when we build them. For those of you considering one of our ovens, we shot a video to make your install easier.

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Have you ever used recycled bricks?

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  • Have you ever used recycled bricks?

    Hey everyone,
    I have not started an oven yet. I will have one in the future. I was wondering how many people in here used recycled blocks and bricks? I was driving down the street and saw an old building being torn down. There were tons of blocks that they were loading up in a dump truck. I would love to have those blocks if they are going to throw them away. When I build my oven I will have a footing and foundation below the frost line. Why buy new bricks for this. I should grab a bunch of blocks after dark.(maybe not) Or, ask them If I could have some.

    Has anyone done this?

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    Re: Have you ever used recycled bricks?

    Umm, sounds like stealing. It might be embarrassing to explain if you got caught. It could cost you a job. Better to ask.

    A lot of these used bricks are purchased by companies that resell them. Someone may already own them. Never hurts to ask, eh? (I'm working on my Canadian accent).
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      Re: Have you ever used recycled bricks?

      Definitely ask first...but as far as using them there should be no issues...I built my oven using bricks from a pallet that were supposed to have been sent back to the manufacturer but they were never picked up...I had to pick through them by hand and sort them twice but 30 cents a brick...got new ones for the floor but the rest were rejects...basically...
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        Re: Have you ever used recycled bricks?

        O.K. I edited my original thread. I might not steal them. But if they are going to throw them away. I will take them.


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          Re: Have you ever used recycled bricks?

          I used a ton of used material on my project, some craigslist free stuff, some cheap on ebay. Always ask the contractor, but since they have to pay by the ton for waste removal, they will no doubt be happy to let you have it.
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            Re: Have you ever used recycled bricks?

            Don't forget that if these guys are selling them to a recycler, part of the cost involved is transport. Make a polite enquiry, "Hey, I could use a buncha those, eh? How much. I'll haul them myself." You might be pleasantly surprised what you can get them for. You might have to chip off old mortar here and there, but so what? Other than that, used materials are just as good as newbies, eh? (Canadian accent lesson for wanna be hosers.)
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