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Curing and coating the oven

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  • Mongo
    Similar discussion:

    Lot's of talk in the forum about whether to use chicken wire/lathe or not. In place of the wire you could do a coat of pcrete to give shape. Looks like you have plenty of insulation. Your call.

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  • tewksjj
    started a topic Curing and coating the oven

    Curing and coating the oven

    First oven - and fairly psyched to start cooking pizzas soon. This is a Giardino 70.

    two questions -

    1. I have 3" of insulation over the dome, and I was going to do three coats of stucco over chicken wire next. I see a lot posts about 1" of vermiculate next, but I don't see that in the install guide. Any pointers?

    2. Is there any reason I can't start curing the oven with low heat fires now? Put another way, do I have to Stucco before curing?

    Thanks all.