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Power hacksaw for cutting bricks?

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  • Power hacksaw for cutting bricks?


    First post. What a great resource this forum is. Inspiring.

    Anyway, I have been contemplating a WFO build for ages. I've just bought a five acre property and now finally have the room for one.

    I've been wondering about the brick cutting. My Dad used to have a home built powered hacksaw which he used to cut steel. He's passed and I don't know what happened to it, but I was thinking it would be a good way to cut bricks without all the dust (or mud) of a circular saw. I realise it would be a lot slower, but it's a set-and-forget affair, and would be very accurate. The only thing that I'm not too sure about is would the blades stand up to it? A tungsten carbide blade can be had for ~ A$ 15 and the blurb says they can cut marble, but is firebrick more abrasive?

    I might have to build one though, perhaps something like this?

    Am I mad? Has anyone tried it?

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    Don't power hacksaws use an oil bath for cutting, at least the ones I have used for steel do. IMHO I do not believe a hacksaw blade has the mass to cut fire brick. But if you want to try, have at it. If budget is an issue, some decent builds have been done with a brick bolster and hammer.. If you can find a used wet saw that is really you best bet.
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      I was thinking along the lines of having a water drip onto the brick. As to the mass, you can have an adjustable weight on the blade holder.

      I've looked into brick saws, only seem to be for sale in cities, they are expensive (even used) and I don't know how I'd go selling it after the job's finished (I'm roughly half way between Sydney and Melbourne and 2 1/2 hours from Canberra)

      I've also looked into getting a cheap mitre saw and putting a diamond blade on it, but the water spray ending up in the motor worries me...

      Guess I'll build one and give it a go.