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combo wood and gas oven advice?

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  • combo wood and gas oven advice?

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ID:	439139 Hello everyone,

    Building my first wood fired oven. I have already built the semi-cylinder dome and it's looking great. Before I do the back wall, I want to install gas pipe as a back up.
    I live in MI and it can get quite cold. wanted to add the gas to help heat up in the oven or as a back up.

    any tips of what gas installation should I use? what gas pipe should I install in the back? any youtube videos?

    any tips will be highly appreciated
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    I'm not sure of the current forum's policy on discussion of fitting a gas burner, but it used to be taboo because of the dangers associated with combination of fuels and possible explosions. Any gas burner should be matched to chamber volume, fitted with a flame failure device and be fitted by a qualified gas-fitter.

    Regarding your barrel arch oven, the end walls should sit under the vault rather than beside it to reduce the tendency for the expanding vault to push the end walls out. In addition the thermal expansion is likely to compromise the structural integrity of the vault over time unless buttressing or bracing is used. I suggest you search this forum for barrel arch ovens before proceeding.
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      david s Great answer! This site can only refer builders to Forno Bravo for gas questions as they apply only to Forno Bravo’s ovens that are authorized for professionally installed gas assistance. No DIY gas hacks are allowed at this time. Thank you very much for responding to the content of the post that you could help with
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        As David S noted, there's a lot more to fitting a gas burner in an oven than just putting a gas pipe in the back. We really are concerned for your safety (and those around you) if you "wing it" on a gas installation/addition to your oven. Please, at least get some expert advice & guidance from a local propane/natural gas-fitter.

        I hope I'm wrong here, but I don't see any evidence of an insulation layer below your oven's cooking floor. If you don't isolate the entire oven chamber (top & bottom) with an appropriate insulation (ceramic board on the bottom & ceramic batting over the barrel) it will not perform efficiently. Also, your base cooking floor extends outside the dome and since it's physically connected, it will draw off heat from the oven. Without a properly insulated oven, it's going to take a lot of wood to bring it up to temp and your concrete top slab will become a giant heat sink...again, I hope I'm wrong and you do have a couple inches of insulation that's hidden from your camera's vantage point in the pic
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          Thank you all for your input. I am glad I asked here before I made any further steps.
          Def didn't realize the magnitude of what I was asking about. you can tell I am new to this!
          I am gonna forgo the idea of the gas part. will continue with the wood part only!


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            Hello. Your project looks impressive. It is very interesting to see the final photos. What kind of refractory materials do you use?


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              Thanks Timothy.
              So far, I got the dome up. I built the back wall.
              Now I am doing the chimney base. see photo.
              next I am ready to build the font wall. also see photo, wondering if this front opening is too big? it's 19" width and 21 height. what do you all think

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                Looks great. the front opening is not small, but it will be convenient for you to use the oven. After all, you can bake not only pizza and pies, but also stew different dishes in pots. Due to the high vault, it will be convenient for you to move the pots in the oven.