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Polypropylene fiber question.

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  • Polypropylene fiber question.

    My question is what is the best way to mix these into the homebrew castable? The fibers i have are all like little accordions and boy are they a pain in the you know what. Are these even the right ones? I tried separating them as much as i could before throwing them in the dry mix. But it was taking way too long to get them to separate because they clump up pretty good. They also kept sticking to my gloves. Is it better to mix them in to the dry mix or to wet mix. Will it be too detrimental if some dont separate? Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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    Yes they are hard to disperse. They do separate better in the wet mix, but I also pull them apart a fair bit as I add them to the dry mix. As a general rule I find they disperse well if you mix them about twice as much as you would if the mix contained no fibres. If there are clumps of fibres in the final casting then they won't be able to perform their function as well.
    I prefer to hand mix in a barrow so you can inspect the mix as well as feel its texture for correct water content.
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      Thank you David , i guess i'll just have to be more patient.