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Anodized Aluminum Square Perforated Pizza

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  • Anodized Aluminum Square Perforated Pizza

    I am looking at the GI Perforated 14" Anodized Aluminumn Pizza Peel. Is it worth the big $$$$ ? Or are the lesser costly Aluminum peels a good alternative? I am told the GI Peel allows the pizza to be picked up easier and easier to get the pizza off into the oven. I use very little to no flour on my pizzas.

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    You’re right, the price is outrageous. I have no idea how a perforated peel would work, but as there seem to be plenty available perhaps there is an advantage. Perforated trays were developed in preference to non perforated ones for those who like to prep pizzas on trays because they reduce the problem of soggy bottoms. Pizzas cooked directly on the porous firebrick floor is the usual method and in a WFO at higher temperatures results in the characteristic crispy bottomed base, particularly if the base is thin. Pizzas cooked in trays have a tendency to get moisture trapped between the base and the tray resulting in a soggy bottom.The usual remedy is to remove the pizza from the tray and return the pizza to the oven in an effort to crisp the bottom. This is more double handling and time wasting IMO. The perforated tray allows some of this moisture to escape, but not as good as the pizza cooked directly on the firebrick floor. Unfortunately, heating the tray as well as the pizza simply takes more heat out of the floor which means the floor requires recharging more frequently.
    A similar problem occurs with a metal peel constantly going in and out of the oven. Aluminium being far more conductive than stainless is therefore a worse culprit IMO. If it’s anodised, expect that coating to get abraded on the bottom of the peel when being scraped over the firebrick floor. The peel needs to be just thick enough not to be too floppy but not too thick or it will draw more heat from the oven. I prefer 0.9 mm 304 stainless.
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      Just to add to david s's suggestion about stainless steel.

      I am really in to DIY tools for my oven. Though, I don't do a lot of pizza, I can see where this would tool could be made cost efficiently from some repurposed stainless steel. I am always on the lookout for items that can be repurposed. A trashed ss stove or refrigerator would be a good candidate for this project. I recently learned a good pointer from helping make a no weld ss insulated door.( It was made from the kick plate of an old hospital door ) Buy a cobalt drill bit for the size of hole that is needed. (It may take a two or three bits for this project) Drill at a very slow speed. Stainless steel will heat up from the friction and harden if you try high speeds.
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