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infrared thermometer ?

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  • infrared thermometer ?

    hello, can someone tell me what is a good infrared thermometer. i see the one on the FB website, but i cant see paying 125 plus shipping for a themometer. any ideas. even just a regular thermometer to set in the oven ? thanks !

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    Re: infrared thermometer ?

    I would suggest searching the archives as this subject has been covered alot.

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      Re: infrared thermometer ?

      Just did a google search and found a better one that I have for less.

      Infrared Point-and-shoot Digital Thermometer

      o Digital thermometer is a true thermometer gun
      o Simply point this temperature device at your target, pull the trigger and get an instant temperature reading
      o Digital thermometer sports a backlit LCD for a bright display screen
      o Perfect for the maintenance, medical, construction, mechanic, horticulture and animal care industries
      o Use it for food preparation Adjustable emission levels allow this thermometer to be calibrated to match hundreds of materials such as skin, water, metal and ice
      o Advanced high/low temperature alarm modes
      o Scan, hold and store data with this digital thermometer
      o Temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
      o Temperature range: -4 to 1382-degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 720-degrees Celsius)
      o Response time: 1 second
      o Works on direct contact with a substance or surface to be measured
      o Functions on a standard 9-volt battery (battery included)
      o Includes a leather holster

      heck out:

      Infrared Point-and-shoot Digital Thermometer from Overstock.com

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        Re: infrared thermometer ?

        The only thermometer I've ever had was an ordinary oven thermometer for retained heat baking. Five bucks at any housewares department. You only want to put it in after the fire is raked out and the oven has cooled. Experience and the amount of carbon on the inside of the dome will tell you a lot about the right temperature for pizza.
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          Re: infrared thermometer ?

          thank u very much dmun. that's exactly what i was looking for.
          wiley? i think there are 18 rules to capitalization. since I wasn't typing a term paper i didn't use my shift key. so feel free to google the proper rules for capitaliztion if i confused u..... oooops! i mean...... you.
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            Re: infrared thermometer ?

            Avast Wiley! The merchant ship Interguglielmi bristles with guns abeam. Make for deep water.


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              Re: infrared thermometer ?

              ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! good stuff !!! good stuff !!!


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                Re: infrared thermometer ?

                Sears and Harbor Freight both sell infrared thermometers as well. I think they can both beat the Overstock price.
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                  Re: infrared thermometer ?

                  Thank u everyone for you help!


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                    Re: infrared thermometer ?

                    I bought mine on Ebay for AUD$50 delivered! Good temp range too. Works great!


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                      Re: infrared thermometer ?

                      Here in Australia you can also buy them from "SnapOn" tools.