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Fireclay vs. Sand for floor

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  • Fireclay vs. Sand for floor

    The subject of sourcing fireclay seems to generate a lot of questions.

    After I went to the trouble of sourcing it for laying my floor, I made a mess of a sand/fireclay/water mixture that I later scraped off my insulation board (and took some of the insulation with it). I then mixed the fireclay and sand together and used that dry to lay my floor. I ran out of fireclay, so I just used sand for the rest of it.

    If one is going to use a wet leveling mix, I can understand that the fireclay makes for a sticky mix. But for dry leveling, is there really an advantage to mixing the sand with fireclay?

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    Re: Fireclay vs. Sand for floor

    Sand is loose, and travels, as is shown by the brick walk i laid on sand some years ago. Using the fireclay/sand mixture lets it set up into something more solid, which will be a better base for your floor.

    Laying it dry is a good idea, btw, but it works best if you wet the floor afterword to set up the mixture.
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      Re: Fireclay vs. Sand for floor

      I sealed all of the sand and fireclay in by squeezing a bit of mortar all around where the perimeter of the floor meets the insulation board. So, hopefully my sand will not go traveling too far.