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    Re: Red Fife Wheat

    Wow, what a generous offer. I'll give it some thought, but off the top of my head I can't think of a viable way to take advantage of it. Thank you so much.

    We're trying to do more of the "eat local, shop local" too. I tend to avoid the big superstore for the most part. I dislike the long lines, the "shopping distractions", and really, the business model in general. There's a truly local grocer here, and I shop there as well as at Kroger. What I can't get at one, I can get at the other. We don't have a good farmer's market here, but in the next town over they have a very good one.

    I canned and froze much more this year than I have since my kids were very small. Back then I made grape juice, lots of jam, and generally had enough tomatoes and tomato products to keep me in them all year. I had so many tomatoes one year I actually made ketchup. (I don't recommend it. While it uses a lot of tomatoes, it doesn't taste right!!) I'll probably do even more next year- I plan on doing a lot more with trellises to gain vertical space.

    I also think I'll be trying to do a winter garden next year- I wanted to this year but time got away from me and winter is VERY early this year. I want to grow a lot of salad type greens under cover next winter. I may still try to do some this year, I might get some things to germinate if I can get the cover on and warm up the ground some..