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New pizza caputo flour

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  • New pizza caputo flour


    Has anyone tried the Wheat flour Pizzeria Caputo Manitoba flour
    or the specific .Wheat flour 00 Pizzeria Caputo

    Whats it like....???...how are they different

    see list of what I can get at

    You searched for flour

    I usually use ...Wheat flour 00 Caputo 1kg but fancy a change???
    and getting a 25kg bag for the amount I use it

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    Re: New pizza caputo flour

    Hi Ross, I made my first Pizza and bred last Saturday. Everybody just loved it. For the bred I used strong bread flour from Tesco?s. It was pretty good but not as special as I thought it would be.

    Would be interesting how you are getting on with different flowers. Especially with flours you bought from UK suppliers.



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      Re: New pizza caputo flour

      Hi Jochen

      the oven looks wicked mate ---well played

      the pizza will tatse unbelievable if you use good flour and good sauce...

      Ive done int about 20 times now and it does get better each time trust me...

      buy the wheatt oo caputo flour at You searched for flour

      mix it with a quater semolina flour...this makes it lighter but crispier ( we like them v thin here)

      my mix is 500gr flour - 300 warm water with 5g dried yeast 2 teaspoons of sugar and 1 salt dissolved in it...then let it rise in a warm place for 3 hours

      then for the sauce - get some mozzano plum toms or ciro passata from nifeislife.com....tr the uncooked recipe at YouTube - fornobravo's Channel

      and then buy the good mozzarella from tesco finest range...

      trust me just do a plain one with a few olives or pancetta ham on top...you will taste the difference and it will be a good starting point...

      It took me loads of trial and error to find this was best


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        Re: New pizza caputo flour

        For those in the UK, you can get san marzano tomatoes in Sainsburys - their own brand Taste the Difference canned plum tomatoes are san marzano. DOP number and all.

        I was planning a taste test of a load of brands, but found these and have been happy and have just stuck with them.



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          Re: New pizza caputo flour

          thanks for the detailed answer ross. I your recipe as soon as I return from sunny Cyprus.