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Yeast - how long you keep; how do you store it? - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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Yeast - how long you keep; how do you store it?

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  • Yeast - how long you keep; how do you store it?

    I've read the one year expiration date stamped on the package, but also read that a 5 year storage life is not unrealistic if you keep it in a cool place... or maybe even 10 years if stored in refrigerator... or maybe even double that if stored in the freezer.

    I keep my dried yeast (ADY) in the freezer and it is still good after about 5 years.

    How long have you kept a cache of dried yeast?

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    Re: Yeast - how long you keep; how do you store it?

    I buy IDY yeast in one pound packs and keep it in my refrigerator door in the foil bag - folded down from the top with a clip to hold it - and that in a plastic bag. It has typically taken me about two years to go through a pound and it has always behaved well and shown no evidence of decline.

    I don't have experience with freezing yeast. There is a part of me that doens't like that answer for freezers are quite dry. While the yeast is dried, already that gives me some concern for it COULD accelerate decline vs. the fridge, but...???

    Good question!


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      Re: Yeast - how long you keep; how do you store it?

      I keep my IDY in an airtight container (plastic, with a gasket and a bail like an old-fashioned canning jar) in the freezer. I use it pretty much straight out of the freezer into recipes. How long does it last? Well, I've never noticed it not working properly, and I've kept it in there a very long time when I wasn't doing a lot of baking. When I'm baking a lot, I go through a bag in less than a year.

      I think since IDY is more active than ADY, (at least that's what I've read) you won't notice much of a decline unless you don't store it properly. It does need to keep moisture out or you'll have problems with clumping, and, I expect, damage to the yeast.

      I just don't like the little packages ADY comes in. They make me nuts opening them and my kids always steal my kitchen scissors. Of course, since they've all graduated from high school now and are in college, if they keep disappearing I guess I'll have to blame someone else??