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Woodfire Style Pizza and Sourdough Flour Mix

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  • Woodfire Style Pizza and Sourdough Flour Mix

    Anyone in Oz tried these new products from Allied Mills: Woodfire Style Pizza Mix and Sourdough Pizza Mix?

    Available in 12.5 kg bags and selling for about $21.

    Woodfire Style Pizza Mix

    Sourdough Pizza Mix

    They also have the standard:

    Pizza Flour

    I am nearing the end of a 25kg bag of Weston Milling pizza flour so need some suggestions for a new bag of white stuff...

    / Rossco

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    Re: Woodfire Style Pizza and Sourdough Flour Mix

    This mix has been specially developed to produce traditional woodfire-style thin pizza bases with a subtle smokey flavour.
    I'd really want to see a list of ingredients before buying: I suppose fake smoke flavor is OK in moderation, but I suspect it's full of sugars and oils.
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      Re: Woodfire Style Pizza and Sourdough Flour Mix

      Yes, good point... I have requested the data sheets from Allied Mills.

      The reference to "mix" as opposed to "flour" is probably the key distinguishing point in the description. They do make a pizza flour as well so that is probably the one to go for as it will allow for a more traditional end product.

      Interesting though that they are venturing into this new area - possibly to try to break into the burgeoning home baking market of pizza stones, BBQ pizzas and pizza making machines. I am curious to taste these new products though, but 12.5 kg is a lot of pizzas to "taste" - particularly if they don't taste any good!!

      / Rossco


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        Re: Woodfire Style Pizza and Sourdough Flour Mix

        Just had a chat to the local rep for these products and he confirmed that they are mixes, that is, they contain flavouring agents and salt so just yeast and water required.

        It seems that they are aiming for the home oven baking market and for the people who just want to bake a quick pizza that provides reasonable results. Good idea for a "no fuss" option.

        Available from these guys:

        Variety Foods
        24 Munt Street
        Bayswater, Western Australia, 6053

        Telephone: (08) 9471 9033
        Fax: (08) 9471 9088
        Email: varietyfoods@bigpond.com.au

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        / Rossco