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Pizzeria Layout Template and help deciding on the right oven

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  • Pizzeria Layout Template and help deciding on the right oven

    HI there. I am looking to open a new Neapolitan Pizzeria here in the UK. Can someone help me with the layout of the pizzeria. Specifically where the opening of the pizza and toppings should be in relation to the opening of the oven.

    I also require a oven that has a base that revolves. Preferably gas based with the option to put logs into it.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    The lack of responses so far is disappointing, so I will be the first - even though it is nearly a year on. This forum does not seem to have the traffic that it used to, but do not be discouraged! There are a few die-hards on here who will never get bored with the subject.

    By the way, I do not own a pizzeria, nor do I cook professionally, so my [totally random] thoughts should be taken in that context.

    So obviously you will be governed by the layout of your restaurant. It would be good if your oven opening could be seen from the door - even the street - and also of course by your customers when they are seated. Which dictates that you have the oven at the back of the premises. (This would probably make sense from a fire-escape perspective, too.) Customers like to see the oven working, and they like to see you working. Therefore, your workflow should be optimized so that you don't have your back to them when you're preparing pizzas. (Are you left or right-handed?)

    I'd suggest making a full-size mock-up of the kitchen area, including a model of the oven, and just pretend to use it. (Will there be room for you and a long-handled peel without getting in anyone's way - not least the waiters'?)

    Maybe have the kitchen raised up on a slight podium, so that everyone can see you, and have a walkway across the front where the waiters can collect the orders without getting under your feet...

    An efficient workflow is key here.

    There are a number of rotary ovens on the market, so you'll just have to do your homework. The first time I actually saw one for real, however, was in Sicily about 4 years ago. (How the time flies!) From memory, the guy didn't have a lot of space to work in.

    You could even have CCTV of your kitchen, maybe with a live stream!

    What would be the theme of your restaurant? An Alpine mountain terrace? An Italian seaside village? An olive grove (where you could string lights through the trees)? The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
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      The forum has seen a marked increase in traffic due to the Covid 19 and shelter in place in many areas which many people have found give them an opportunity to build a WFO oven. It is just that there are not a lot of builders who do commercial pizzerias so it is hard to comment on this topic.
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