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Recommended Pizzeria Equipment

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  • Recommended Pizzeria Equipment

    Hi all,

    Im planning to open a an authentic napoletan style pizzeria soon and have a few questions concerning the right equipment and setup:

    1- for the prep table surface what is reccomended, marble or granite and why?

    2- is there a recommended type of marble or grantie?

    3- Ive heard there are proofing drawers .where you can place the proofing trays instaled under the proofing table and can control the temp. to have the save temp. all year round and simply just pull out the drawer to make the pizza.

    - is there a recommended brand?

    thanks all.

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    Re: Recommended Pizzeria Equipment

    Hey there...for prep surface you can use either marble or granite. I've used both and don't really know the distinction between the two - white marble looks more old school classic, so if you can find that at a good price I would go for that. We have granite in our pizzeria and it works fine. Before we got our granite, we just used the stainless steel countertops and that wasn't bad - but got warm from the ovens after a while.

    Proofing drawers - waste of money. Proof you dough overnight in the fridge and it will be fine. You can do it on rimmed baking sheets covered in plastic wrap or buy the plastic stackable dough boxes you see in every pizza magazine.



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      Re: Recommended Pizzeria Equipment

      I'm no pro but I'd do granite over marble as the acids can attack the marbles but not the granites. There is also a synthetic quartz that you might look at. We have that now....very nice.

      (We've had marble topped tables damaged by things left on them)
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